At our new premises in Plymouth, we have a purpose built Workshop with multiple workstations. The design of the Workshop enables us to hold a large stock of all control panel components which enables us to manufacture a panel within days of approval.

The complete process from conception runs through the following method:-

* The production and approval of a points list

* The control strategy

* The production of a control panel drawing and layout for approval

Once the above has taken place and approval attained the manufacturing process commences.

Detailed photos of the build and our quality control procedures ensure the end result is a fully tested and functioning control panel every time.

Because KK Controls & Equipment have the complete package under our control, we can turn around a panel in the minimum of time. Everything from design to construction is carried out but our directly employed staff.

Once manufacture has been completed, the controls are programmed within our Workshop and the whole panel and software is tested prior to the control panel leaving the premises.

KK Controls & Equipment have been manufacturing panels for over 35 years and this has enabled us to refine the process to a fine art.

The work shop is installed with state of the art tooling to ensure a high quality of finish and a consistent approach.

Unlike many of our competitors, KK controls & Equipment will NOW carry out the final programming and testing process on site. Our process avoids extending commissioning times that can lead to delays in handover and assists us in achieving key deadlines set by the client.

For more information on control panel manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.