With the need to continually strive to ensure heating and ventilation systems are operating correctly and to ensure a reduction in carbon emissions whilst maintaining comfort levels for building occupiers, a well maintained BMS system is all the more important.

Advanced Boiler Control Strategy is a strategy that could be implemented to your existing boiler control. Careful monitoring of the boiler flow temperature can allow for more efficient control of the boilers.

West Midlands Police Authority (the 2nd largest Police Force in the UK) have recently implemented these changes to all of their police stations. Please see quote below from the head of estates at West Midlands Police:

“As well as providing front line diagnostics to quickly identify any problems, the energy savings so far have greatly exceeded expectations. Tim Pugh of West Midlands Police is delighted with the results and concludes, ‘Taking the weather into account, our trials of Trend’s Advanced Boiler Control strategy have demonstrated energy savings of over 10% per cent on the gas consumption in the first 8 months of use. This is fantastic and the fact that it has been carried out using our existing infrastructure is testament to Trend”

Whilst it may appear that the system is working correctly, careful monitoring and adjustments of set points, optimisers and compensators can provide substantial savings to your fuel bill.

We recommend 6 monthly maintenance visits during which we would carry out a complete service check of your Trend BMS. This would involve essential system checks, plant control performance checks and software data assurance recovery guarantee.  Where possible we would also make any adjustments to correct system inaccuracies, meaning your BMS would be working at its maximum efficiency, ensuring you get the full benefit of BMS energy saving capabilities.

As a maintenance contract client, you would be guaranteed priority over non-contract customers and as our fully trained and highly skilled engineers are based locally we can respond promptly in the event of heating system failures.

You would be eligible for a preferential hourly rate should additional charges apply for any reactive/maintenance repairs carried out. However, costs for breakdowns/repairs can be significantly reduced as we offer the facility of remote internet access to try and resolve any issues at no additional charge (remote access must be enabled via your IT department).

We also offer a 24 hour reactive maintenance and breakdown service facility for all our maintenance contract clients.



Our estimating team will work closely with you to develop a maintenance package in accordance with your individual requirements and statutory compliances.

We endeavour to cover all elements of mechanical and electrical maintenance by utilising our in-house engineering team, including:-

* Electrical maintenance, inspection and testing

* Mechanical maintenance including heating & ventilation plant

* Fire Alarm

* Emergency Lighting

If required, we can produce a maintenance Log Book to be kept on site at all times for quick reference.

Plant can be asset tagged for easy recognition for fault reporting purposes and cost evaluation with regards to equipment life-cycle.

We also offer a 24 hour reactive maintenance and breakdown service facility for all our maintenance contract clients.